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You Set My Dreams To Music Japanese CD compilation
Tracks and running order are exactly the same as this one, from 1999 I believe....
Frans > 17 November 2017

See All Her Faces Some Favorite Dusty Photos
Not new but a real favourite. Casx
Cas19 > 17 November 2017

You Set My Dreams To Music Japanese Dusty record
Hi! Today I came across a Dusty record I have never seen before, very exciting...
SmallTownGirl > 16 November 2017

Getting It Right Photo on 'Just Dusty' Documentary
Yes I think you are right. On closer inspection it does look like John Alkin...
Kate > 16 November 2017

Don't Forget About Me Musical
littered with Dusty in-jokes for the devoted fans". The link to the full review is...
Sweetbaby > 16 November 2017

Getting It Right Dusty black and white photo from Wishi and hopin 1965
From South Africa, same as USA cover
Frans > 15 November 2017

You Set My Dreams To Music Don't Forget About Me UK Version
Wow that is brilliant thank you!!
Susan > 14 November 2017

Don't Forget About Me Dusty Show ..Call Me Dusty
This almost flew completely under the radar but Call Me Dusty has been revived for...
Sweetbaby > 12 November 2017

See All Her Faces Latest Frozen Dusty PIcs
darren2722 > 11 November 2017

Getting It Right Favourite outfit Dusty wore?
I love this one. She was still wearing the outfit after coming off stage when...
Dustymike > 9 November 2017

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Dusty Moments

  • 20 Nov
    In Private is released in the UK (1989) All Day

  • 20 Nov
    Simply Dusty (ear book) is released in the UK (2006) All Day

  • 21 Nov
    Donnez Moi (Give It To Me) is released in the US (1982) All Day

  • 21 Nov
    A Brand New Me is released in the UK (1969) All Day