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See All Her Faces There's a lady on stage
Cas19 > 18 October 2018

See All Her Faces Some Favorite Dusty Photos
Cas19 > 18 October 2018

Getting It Right Favourite outfit Dusty wore?
This is hands down one of my favorite Dusty dresses. It really accentuates how beautiful...
Manny > 18 October 2018

You Set My Dreams To Music On the other side of the tracks
As far as I am aware, Dusty sang this song once and once only. That...
countrycake > 17 October 2018

A Song For You How to order Dusty's Live CDs
You know I brought this up too many years ago. I still haven't done it...
mikeh69 > 17 October 2018

You Set My Dreams To Music DUSTY ON TV TONIGHT
The programme looked like it was put together in five minutes with no homework done...
karl > 15 October 2018

See All Her Faces Latest Frozen Dusty PIcs
Lovely stills, Darren! Thanks for posting them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michele
mas > 14 October 2018

You Set My Dreams To Music NEW DUSTY VINYL
Yes Frans it's my all-time favourite album by anyone. Also, the new release of...
karl > 12 October 2018

See All Her Faces Dusty and.......
trek007 > 11 October 2018

Don't Forget About Me new books?
thanks Jim, I hadn't heard of the publisher or author before so self published does...
Clive > 10 October 2018

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Dusty Moments

  • 18 Oct
    Heart and Soul (duet with Cilla Black) is released in the UK (1993) All Day

  • 23 Oct
    Roll Away is released in the UK (1995) All Day

  • 26 Oct
    Dusty - The Very Best of Dusty Springfield is released in the UK (1998) All Day

  • 27 Oct
    Where Am I Going? is released in the UK (1967) All Day