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See All Her Faces Latest Frozen Dusty PIcs
darren2722 > 25 March 2019

See All Her Faces Some Favorite Dusty Photos
Have a lovely week. Casx
Cas19 > 25 March 2019

You Set My Dreams To Music Dusty Moments
Steve Wright played IOWTBWY on his Sunday Love Songs programme.
pat.dunham > 24 March 2019

Don't Forget About Me Norma Tanega - 'Supernova' Art Show
If you're in the L.A. area, you might want to see Norma Tanega's new art...
Corinna > 23 March 2019

Don't Forget About Me Dusty day 2019
April 14 - Would have been a great way to celebrate my birthday. Don't think...
Michael Muccino > 21 March 2019

You Set My Dreams To Music Radio 2 show
Just a heads up on this radio show - Sun 31 Mar 2019 23:00 BBC...
RBD > 20 March 2019

Don't Forget About Me Yet another script being written.
Well - while not everyone may love it so much, So Much Love has had...
Sweetbaby > 20 March 2019

See All Her Faces New to us on fb.
Always good to see some new ones Liz, thank you for responding. Casx
Cas19 > 17 March 2019

A Song For You How to order Dusty's Live CDs
It is good that they were recorded from the TV Corinna, otherwise they would have...
john 261 > 12 March 2019

Don't Forget About Me Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Thanks Douggie, that seems like a possible scenario. M&T finished recording 'Mountain' on 1st Feb...
humboldt > 10 March 2019

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Dusty Moments

  • 27 Mar
    Limited release of Ev'rything's Coming Up Dusty in the US (1966) All Day

  • 30 Mar
    I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore/The Windmills Of Your Mind is released in the US (1969) All Day

  • 30 Mar
    Private Number (duet with Spencer Davis) is released in the UK (1984) All Day

  • 01 Apr
    Mama's Little Girl is released in the US (1973) All Day