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See All Her Faces Some Favorite Dusty Photos
Great pictures Cas. Wend
Hampson > 21 January 2018

You Set My Dreams To Music Johnny O'Keefe Show
I must say it was a long time ago and I am not sure...
Douggie > 21 January 2018

See All Her Faces New "old" Dusty photos
Thank you Richard the first one is new to me, good find. I will share...
Cas19 > 21 January 2018

Wishin' and Hopin' The Celia Hammond Animal Trust
So glad we are able to still sponsor CHAT. Bluebell reminds me a little of...
pat.dunham > 19 January 2018

Don't Forget About Me Musical
However if any rewriting was done it failed to make the anonymous critic for...
Sweetbaby > 19 January 2018

Don't Forget About Me SOAPM art print
I've received an email asking if the following could be of interest for LTD, so...
Corinna > 17 January 2018

You Set My Dreams To Music "What Good Is I Love You" US Version vs. UK Version
After one listen, I'm wondering if Dusty's usually faultless good taste let her down a...
Marco > 15 January 2018

You Set My Dreams To Music Look what I just found on You Tube.....
Frans > 15 January 2018

You Set My Dreams To Music Don't Forget About Me UK Version
It's not from the UK, it's from Austria. But isn't it an absolute beauty? ...
Frans > 14 January 2018

You Set My Dreams To Music Dusty Moments
Well Owen Money on his radio Wales show is now playing " i'll try anything"...
Cardiff Bluesgirl > 14 January 2018

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Dusty Moments

  • 21 Jan
    Living Without Your Love album is released in the US (1979) All Day

  • 21 Jan
    Little By Little is released in the UK (1966) All Day

  • 24 Jan
    Dusty is voted World Female Singer in NME Poll (1970) All Day

  • 25 Jan
    Silly, Silly Fool is released in the US (1970) All Day