Dusty - An Intimate Portrait

Bartlett Dusty

Published in June 2014, journalist Karen Bartlett has written a new, "definitive" biography on Dusty called "Dusty - An Intimate Portrait of a Musical Legend". Bartlett has interviewed a number of people who have not previously talked about Dusty, so there is new information and insights about the legendary artist. Read what the fans say here.

"Looking good isn't always easy"

Looking good isn't always easy

Written and complied by Paul Howes, "Looking good isn't always easy" is the luxurious, coffee table-sized photo book fans have been waiting for.

With more than 600 photographs, covering Dusty's life from her schoolgirl days to her last TV performance, Paul Howes has retrieved hundreds of photos that have never been published before.

The book is available in hard or soft cover, and in a limited edition only. For enquiries and orders, email Paul Howes at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Dissertation about Dusty Springfield fans

A mirror of recognition.

Nancy J. Young -- co-founder of Let's Talk Dusty -- is the author of dissertation "A Mirror of recognition: How the empathetic relationship between Dusty Springfield and her not-straight fans facilitates their Identity development".

“Dusty! Queen of the Postmods” - Annie J. Randall

Queen of the Postmods

An exclusive interview with Annie J. Randall, author of “Dusty! Queen of the Postmods”,
by Nancy J. Young of Let’s Talk Dusty!

“It’s Hard Being Queen: The Dusty Springfield Poems” - Jeanette Lynes


“It’s Hard Being Queen: The Dusty Springfield Poems”
- Jeanette Lynes’ new anthology of Dusty poetry
An exclusive Interview with Jeanette Lynes, by Nancy J. Young of Let’s Talk Dusty!