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Frans > 16 October 2019

See All Her Faces Some Favorite Dusty Photos
Cas19 > 16 October 2019

Getting It Right P.P> Arnold
Many, many thanks for this information and the clip of the song. Awesome
Mr Soul > 14 October 2019

See All Her Faces Latest Frozen Dusty PIcs
Great frozen pics, as usual, Darren! Thank you for all the ones you've posted over...
mas > 13 October 2019

You Set My Dreams To Music Dusty Moments
Lovely pics trek, i especially liked the topiary and the dragon at cliveden too.
Cardiff Bluesgirl > 7 October 2019

Don't Forget About Me National Album Day (UK)
Thanks for the head's up Jim, but I wish they had chosen Everything's Coming Up...
IWannaBeABluesSinger > 1 October 2019

Don't Forget About Me Lucy O'Brien - revision of biography
Really? I thought it was because you know who demanded a gag order back...
JMFabianoRPL > 19 September 2019

Don't Forget About Me Martha Reeves...Chef!
Don't normally watch "Celebrity Master Chef". Then saw that Martha was a contestant so watched,...
pat.dunham > 16 September 2019

You Set My Dreams To Music Look what I just found on You Tube.....
Darren posted a new and better version of the Hullabaloo thingy:
Frans > 13 September 2019

See All Her Faces New to us on fb.
It was so lovely to see this, I love early pics. Casx
Cas19 > 13 September 2019

"The Complete Dusty Springfield" - Paul Howes

Review from Record Collector

Updated last word on our late lamented soul diva

Coming in just under 500 pages, almost double its original length, this is a reassuringly solid hardback. And when they’re filled with top-class information such as this, only a book will do. The internet is a definite post-Dusty phenomenon, and it’s inconceivable that anyone with an interest in her career, from The Lana Sisters to Pet Shop Boys, with so many milestones in-between, wouldn’t get something out of this volume. Quite whether we really need a foreword by Dale Winton remains debatable, but Petula Clark, who adds her own seal of approval to this updated edition, reveals the interesting fact that she had been scheduled to duet with Dusty, but that it only happened after her (1999) death, thanks to studio technology. Elsewhere, Howes adopts a detailed song-by-song approach which is best dipped in and out of at will. Those seeking sensational details of her private life are directed to Dancing With Demons by her former manager, but The Complete… focuses squarely on the music, making Springfield’s spirit itself felt between the lines. Pour a glass of something agreeable, put your favourite Dusty album on the stereo and start dipping… 

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars
Reynolds & Hearn | ISBN 9781905287390
Reviewed by Michael Heatley

Dusty Moments

  • 16 Oct
    Losing You is released in the UK (1964) All Day

  • 18 Oct
    Heart and Soul (duet with Cilla Black) is released in the UK (1993) All Day

  • 23 Oct
    Roll Away is released in the UK (1995) All Day

  • 26 Oct
    Dusty - The Very Best of Dusty Springfield is released in the UK (1998) All Day