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It was so lovely to see this, I love early pics. Casx
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The One and Only - Katy Setterfield

Katy Setterfield as the one and only Dusty Springfield.

Katy SetterfieldSaturday 5th January saw the first episode of a new BBC1 show called The One And Only. The show set out to find the UK's best tribute act with the prize for the winner being a 3 month contract with the Legends show in Las Vegas. For each act competing, three "Superfans" were chosen to take part, and in the first show were required to chose one act from three tribute artists representing each "Legend", in what was called a Superfan Sing Off.

The Dusty "Superfans" were Carole Gibson, Simon Bell and Jane Northam and together they unanimously chose High Wycombe's Katy Setterfield as the winner.

On each week beginning 12th January, an act was voted off, but Katy Setterfield, the DUSTY contestant, made it to the final on February 16. She won over audiences across the UK with her renditions of Dusty classics, such as “Wishin and Hopin,” “Son of a Preacher Man,” “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” and “I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself."

superfans1On the night of the final competition, Katy wowed the studio and television audiences with covers of Middle of Nowhere, All I See Is You, and a reprise of You Don't Have to Say You Love Me

Fans from the Let's Talk Dusty! forum voted furiously, as did Dusty fans across the UK, making Katy the clear favorite. Congratulations, Katy on your fantastic performance. Well done to the superfans, and a very special thank you to our own heart and soul, Carole Gibson.



Katy Setterfield as Dusty - live in concert

Katy was sensational. From the opening bars of "Goin' Back" to the final echoes of "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me", and every second in between.

will n katyOn stage were Katy, her two backing singers, Julie and Zoe, and her five musicians, including husband Andy, to whom she paid a lovely tribute during the show. The singers and musicians were all really good and very professional throughout.

The first part of the show opened with a Dusty overture - several signature tunes beautifully woven together to create the feel of the evening.. and then Katy came on as Dusty; she sang a range of songs, from the big favourites to some of the less well known numbers, giving each the Dusty touch.

For me, one of the best parts of the entire performance was that Katy did not just stand there and sing; she used the songs to tell the story of Dusty's career, interspersing the singing with monologues paying tribute to various albums and to Dusty as a person; and I have to say that this girl knows her stuff. She knew not only the details of Dusty's life and career, but clearly understood the significance and importance of various events and moments. She also paid tribute to Dusty as one of the primary reasons why she (Katy) became a musician in the first place.

Following a brief intermission, Katy reappeared on stage and sang again, this time as herself, along with a few special guests..

For the final part of the show, it was Dusty again, with more favourites and a fantastic encore. And guess who was first to give her a standing ovation? lol..

The entire show was professional, highly enjoyable and very entertaining. Katy sang wonderfully and was in fine form. There were numerous costume changes and she looked fantastic - in the course of the evening, she proved herself to be an excellent performer and all round vocalist.

Following the show, I got a chance to chat with her for while, speaking about various things and about the tour itself, which she is enjoying very much; thankfully, she isn't finding the travelling too troublesome and seems to be enjoying every moment of it.

Katy Setterfield Katy Setterfield Katy Setterfield

Two of her CDs were on sale - "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - the songs of Dusty Springfield", and "Moments of Pleasure" - a collection of her own favourites. The title of this album comes from a Kate Bush song and this was one of the things we spoke about - Katy is a huge fan of Kate (just like yours truly), which was really nice to discover.

The souvenir brochure is really lovely and very high quality, not to mention very reasonably priced. The photographs it contains are really good, including several taken in Las Vegas during her time there. And LTD is mentioned in it, with links both to the website and to the forum itself :) There is also an extended interview with the Superfans, including our very own Carole, which was really interesting to read.

Thankfully, i'll be back to see Katy perform again in a couple of weeks at the Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow, which I am looking forward to.

My favourite moments from the evening? There were a few. The opening number, which she sang wonderfully; 'All I See Is You', which gave me goosebumps again; and the final number, 'Quiet Please, There's A Lady On Stage', which was the perfect ending prior to the encore.

It was a really tremendous evening and if you haven't already bought tickets to go see Katy live, I highly recommend doing so.

Go Katy!!!

- Will O’Mailley

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Dusty Moments

  • 16 Oct
    Losing You is released in the UK (1964) All Day

  • 18 Oct
    Heart and Soul (duet with Cilla Black) is released in the UK (1993) All Day

  • 23 Oct
    Roll Away is released in the UK (1995) All Day

  • 26 Oct
    Dusty - The Very Best of Dusty Springfield is released in the UK (1998) All Day