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Frans > 16 October 2019

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Cas19 > 16 October 2019

Getting It Right P.P> Arnold
Many, many thanks for this information and the clip of the song. Awesome
Mr Soul > 14 October 2019

See All Her Faces Latest Frozen Dusty PIcs
Great frozen pics, as usual, Darren! Thank you for all the ones you've posted over...
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You Set My Dreams To Music Dusty Moments
Lovely pics trek, i especially liked the topiary and the dragon at cliveden too.
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Don't Forget About Me National Album Day (UK)
Thanks for the head's up Jim, but I wish they had chosen Everything's Coming Up...
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Really? I thought it was because you know who demanded a gag order back...
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You Set My Dreams To Music Look what I just found on You Tube.....
Darren posted a new and better version of the Hullabaloo thingy:
Frans > 13 September 2019

See All Her Faces New to us on fb.
It was so lovely to see this, I love early pics. Casx
Cas19 > 13 September 2019

The British Invasion: Once Upon A Time

Dusty featured last night in a screening of “The British Invasion: Dusty Springfield” on satellite TV channel Sky Arts 1 HD (United Kingdom).

This 2010 documentary, produced by Reelin’ In The Years, featured archival interviews with Dusty, as well as performance footage of such classics as ‘I Only Want To Be With You’, ‘You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me’, ‘The Look Of Love’, ‘I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten’ and many more.

What made the documentary even more meaningful were the contributions of some of Dusty’s closest colleagues and friends - such as Burt Bacharach, Madeline Bell and Simon Bell - who spoke warmly about Dusty the woman and Dusty the artist.

Madeline Bell discussed Dusty’s profound contribution as a producer, noting that this was not always recognised by those in the studios at the time, and certainly not credited afterwards.

Simon Bell spoke about the legacy of Dusty’s music, and suggested that the singers of today could learn a lot by delving into Dusty’s back catalogue - not to copy it, but to learn something new and to add something to their own singing.

For those who have not seen the documentary, which is very well produced, it is also available on DVD.

Dusty Moments

  • 16 Oct
    Losing You is released in the UK (1964) All Day

  • 18 Oct
    Heart and Soul (duet with Cilla Black) is released in the UK (1993) All Day

  • 23 Oct
    Roll Away is released in the UK (1995) All Day

  • 26 Oct
    Dusty - The Very Best of Dusty Springfield is released in the UK (1998) All Day