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It was so lovely to see this, I love early pics. Casx
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For Dusty... An All Star Tribute to Dusty Springfield

On May 5, 2011, a tribute concert for Dusty was held at the Royal Albert Hall, in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support.

Mica Paris - All I see Is You


Sumudu - I Don't Know What to Do With Myself (rehearsal)


Review by Paula Lawrence, with a little help from Nancy J. Young and Markus Medeiros


Not a full house...but a decent crowd was present. The chorus was quite large and was situated up behind the stage.

The night opened up with a medley...right off we were all reaching for a tissue. I think it was just hearing the opening notes... being in RAH... the big Dusty hovering over the stage the orchestra opened the night with a medley of "Goin' Back", "I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten", & "All I See Is You"... now you understand the need for tissue?

decent crowd

After being snapped back into reality by a crabby-ass woman who curtly asked Nancy & I "if we were going to go on like this all night" (chatting)... well, she could have been a little more pleasant ... on came the host Paul Gambaccini with his first installment in the life of Dusty S. (He sat on stage and after each performance read another installment of Dusty's life in historical order.)


I forgot to mention that during the opening medley..the sound was screwed up and the least around us...was ready for a revolt. Thank goodness they were able to fix it.

First act up...'The Springfields'..Mike Hurst, Katy Setterfield & Mike W...singing 'Silver Threads & Golden Needles', 'Say I Won't Be There', & 'Island of Dreams'...rating: A


After 'The Springfields' came the first video of the evening from Lulu. It was shown at Dusty Day if you were able to catch it. I thought it was sweet.

Next up was Leee John singing 'Little By Little' ...ok but lacking we gave it a Rating: B-


Following L. John was Sumudu singing 'I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself'...Nancy & Markus liked her...I think she was ok but I love this song so it was hard to please me. Rating: B+


Next up was Joanna Marie singing 'If You Go Away'...Nancy didn't like her operatic take on the song but I thought if any song could be sung in this manner it was this one...Markus liked the dress :) Rate: B-/Nancy: D


Dave Berry with B. Wood & T. Baker (harmonica & guitar) performed a folksy version of 'Goin' Back' Rate: B


Carole Decker bounced onto to the stage w/ an energetic 'Middle of Nowhere'...Rating: B+


And to wrap up the first half was you have all heard..the favorite performance of the evening..Mica Paris singing 'All I See Is You' Rating: A+



Second Half...

I would like to add that we thought the chorus was very under utilized...many spots they could have filled in nicely.

First up...Hazel O'Connor performing 'I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten', this was not Dusty's was really Marianne Faithful's version...I liked it though..she put her heart into it. Rating: Markus C+ / me & Nancy A-


Next up was Rick Astley singing 'The Look of Love''s hard to accept any version of this song aside from Dusty's but I thought the arrangement was well done ...sax player included and he didn't overkill the vocals. Rating: B+


2nd video..Smokey Robinson...short and nothing earth shattering to say


On saunters the sexy, sultry Shelby Lynn performing her slower version of 'I Only Want To Be With You'. Many may not like this version but our group thought it was one of the highlights of the night. Good crowd response. Rating: A


An even better crowd response was given to Julie Felix singing...yes ..straight from Dusty Day.. '24 Hours from Tulsa' with her additional Dusty song (sang at Dusty Day)...The only one to speak up about how great Dusty was ...Julie always has something to say from the heart on Dusty..I love her for it. Rating: A


Next on the menu was Kenny Lynch with 'Up On the Roof'...did I mention that I hardly knew any of the performers..but a few. ..this gentleman got a nice audience response so I'm guessing he is well know in the UK. I thought he was a class act and put up a really nice version of the song. Rating: A


Following up was Lucy Silvus...'Quiet, Please (There's a lady on Stage)'...staying true to Dusty's arrangement, she was ok...just not Dusty. Rating: B+


Next up ..comedian Jimmy Tarbuck... I thought he was a great addition to the show...not only for his connection to Dusty but you know that Dusty would just love him with her sense of humour...right up her alley. He also spoke some of Dusty and remarked to the audience that we were 'Dusty's people.' Rating: A+


Then on came one of the few performers that I was familiar with..Boy George taking on the difficult task of 'You Don't Have To Say You Love Me.' Not an easy task...especially if you're not up for it. Maybe once upon a time he could have come close but... Rating: B-/C+


3rd video..the video that should have been live..the Pet Shop Boys...they tried to make the video humorous but the boys seemed kind of....bored? Rating: B/C+


To wrap up the night ..4 Nurses...that would be four nurses from McMillian singing 'Son of A Preacher Man'....not too thrilling but all for a good cause. In the end they were joined on stage by the entire cast of characters.

On our way out it was perfect to run into and have a quick hello with Pat R & Douggie.Was it what we initially expected when the news of the show was first advertised ? No...but in the end ...we were in was Dusty, Dusty week .. :) so I can't think of a better way to complete a week filled with Dusty friends, music and adventures. entirecast


Thank you to Paula Lawrence for letting us use your pictures!


Dusty Moments

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    Losing You is released in the UK (1964) All Day

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    Heart and Soul (duet with Cilla Black) is released in the UK (1993) All Day

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