Dusty Day 2013

Dusty Day 2013 celebrated Dusty's 50th anniversary of going solo. See photos and videos from the occasion here!

For many Dusty fans, Dusty Day is the highlight of their year, and they travel from near and far to celebrate Britain's finest singer to date, Dusty Springfield.

Dusty Day was held on May 26 (a month later than usual, owing to work commitments) at West 5 in Ealing, where the event has been held the last couple of years.

Old and new friends from Let's Talk Dusty! and elsewhere, chatting in the garden and generally having a great time.

LTD members LTD members
Left to right: Back row: Melanie. Middle row: Pat, Moira, Carole G, Neil, (unknown), Helen, Lynn. Front row (sitting): Laura, Christoph Left to right: Moira, Carole G, Nancy, Karen

At show time, the audience was entertained by Wee Willie Harris, Peter Miles, Martyna, Simon Bell and Madeline Bell. As usual wonderfully accompanied by Jonathan Cohen.

Wee Willie Harris - Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah Martyna - This girl's in love with you

Simon Bell - Tupelo Honey Simon Bell - I'm coming home again

Madeline Bell - The look of love Madeline Bell & Simon Bell - Long after tonight is all over

Pat Rhodes has, once again, found fabulous items in the back of her Narnia wardrobe for the auction. Over £ 4250 were raised for the cancer research fund at the Royal Marsden! Well done, everybody!

auctionitem1 auctionitem2

auction item 3 auction item 4

Simon Bell always does a wonderful job arranging this event, so thank you Simon for another great day!

Thank you everyone for sharing your photos, and special thanks to Jen for sharing her videos!

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