Dusty Day 2005

On April 17, 2005, the sixth annual Dusty Day was held at the Rugby Club in Henley-on-Thames.

A good crowd gathered for the event that was arranged by Colin Lench.


Auction items – two pairs of gloves owned by Dusty – modelled by Laura. She was the only one whose hands were tiny enough to put them on!

Dusty day 2005


2005 was a remarkable year, in so far as Nancy and Corinna met for the first time. It was also their first Dusty Day. Little did they know that in the year after, they would found Let’s Talk Dusty! :)

Dusty Day 2005

Music World, Henley's record store, paying tribute with a special Dusty display

Music World

Dusty Day 2005

Among the performances was Simon Bell singing ‘S.O.S. - Stop Her On Sight’, backed up by Madeline Bell and Kay Garner. 


Dusty's marker, with birthday flowers

Dusty Day 2005

Jonathan Cohen invited some of us to a pre-party, and played us some Dusty tunes on his grand piano, while Annimac related her “I almost met Dusty” story. In the 1980s, she was catsitting her neighbours’ cats, while they were away for the weekend. The phone was ringing incessantly, but she didn’t pick it up, but let it go to the answering machine. When the neighbours came home Sunday night, and checked their missed calls, it had been Dusty who was in town for the weekend (and staying at Pat’s), asking if the neighbours wanted to “hook up” somewhere!

Jonathan Cohen IMGP0458


Dusty’s NME award, which now resides at Jonathan’s house, looks badly battered. It probably was used as a door stop!