New Home for the Dusty Dress

You may have seen the exclusive story we ran previously concerning the gown which was thought to have belonged to Dusty - this was subsequently proved to be the case. The story told how the gown came to light and ended with plans to keep it on display at the theatrical costumiers. Well, there have been developments since then, which can now be revealed.

Following careful negotiations, a number of the LTD fans and forum members succeeded in purchasing the gown - the intent behind this was to ensure that this little Dusty treasure truly belonged to real fans, and did not simply disappear into a private collection, never to be seen or heard of again.

Now, the gown will take pride of place in the ‘Dusty Room’ within the home of Neil, one of the LTD forum fans, pictured here with fellow fan Helen. Neil will act as ‘custodian’ of the gown, on behalf of all the fans who contributed to it’s purchase.

Strangely, the timing of this this event - as we move into the anniversary of Dusty’s death - seems entirely appropriate.

Thanks to Jason for the image.

Update. The dress has been to some outings since it was acquired, and it can be seen in action here!

The dress at the Dusty House, modelled by Laura The dress in Henley