Dusty - meeting her fans

When Carole and Mary met Dusty. 



Dusty, Carole Gibson, Madeline Bell, Peppi Borza

Carole Gibson meets Dusty

I became a fan of Dusty way back in the days of the Springfields. I can't remember the exact moment; I just became aware of this voice and that look. I guess I heard her before I saw her but when the Springfields announced their breakup, I was devastated. I even loved those big sticky out dresses she used to wear!

I saw her on stage for the first time at the end of 1963 but didn't get to meet her until the summer of '66. It was around the back of the ABC Theatre in Blackpool and my friend Moira and I were the only two people waiting there. Dusty arrived in her Buick Riviera; she was in the passenger seat and her friend Peppi was driving, and Madeline Bell was in the back.

Dusty wound her window down and she looked gorgeous--sun tanned and freckles is what I remember. She signed our albums and chatted, but I don't have a clue about what. Then she got out of the car and we took photos, first in groups, and then I took the one of Dusty kicking her leg out, which was her idea and not mine. She was just standing by the wall looking as if she was about to be shot and I asked her to do “something silly”. Very brave for me back then! She suggested we come back stage later and then dashed into the theatre when she was startled by a group of people who came running round the corner.

After the show we joined the queue at the stage door and were delighted when Peppi came looking for us. We got to jump the queue and you can imagine how important that made us feel! I remember standing in the dressing room and just watching, I don't have any recollection of what was said--maybe I just stood and looked at my feet the whole time! I just know that it was a great day and I'd waited a long time for it.

That was the first of quite a few meetings, some just at stage doors and others backstage. Always Dusty was friendly, funny, kind and welcoming. She never made us feel we shouldn't be there. I truly believe she valued her fans and appreciated how much meeting her meant to us. It was a fabulous day and evening and I remember incurring the wrath of Moira’s dad who had to drive out from Manchester to get us as we were having too much of a good time to bother going for the last train!


Mary Owens meets Dusty

Let me see, where do I begin? Somewhere in the middle of nowhere back in 1967 I believe I was listening to a radio station with my sis at night. Could we really be hearing what the DJ had said that our favorite singer from the 60's was going to be at a radio station in Hollywood in the morning for an interview and could I find it. All I knew was that it was on Hollywood Boulevard. So, early that morning I got up, put on my Dusty do (that's my wiglet)--looked real good too. I was looking all over for that radio station. I decided to park, and walk to find it and I did!

I was pacing back and forth wondering what I was going to say. There were all the years going to concerts with my sister going to the Stage Door waiting for someone to come out to sign a paper for us. But this time I was alone on a busy street in Hollywood in the late 60s. I know it seemed like hours but only 15 minutes passed when Dusty came out the door. First it’s a body guard then Dusty.

As she came out of the door, she looked at me, hand on chest, and said, “You’re waiting for me? WOW” All I could do was smile back at her, Still not saying a word she saw my movie camera. Then we asked one of her body guards to please take a movie and of course he did while the other looked on.

I didn't have the picture I had gotten from the fan club or a pen ready. I was digging in my purse. What was I thinking? That Dusty would have all the time in the world for me? She asked for the paper and pen and if I wanted a movie again.I just smiled, me being so shy at that time. We gave the body guard the movie camera and we both asked if he was clicking the right thing and she asked my name and started to sign ‘To Mary Ann’ Love Dusty Springfield.

In the movie she sure knew what to do. After signing the picture she handed it to the guard taking the movie. That was so cool; it came out so good. Dusty was as jumpy and happy as she always was and did a little tap step for the camera. Of course she knew you had to keep moving while the camera was shooting shooting.

We said our goodbyes, but that day that has always been with me 30 something years later. She still is one of my dearest artists that I have met.