Love Songs

lovesongsThe Look Of Love
Am I The Same Girl
Morning Please Don't Come (featuring Tom Springfield)
The Richest Girl Alive
Summer Love
Bring Him Back
The Colour Of Your Eyes
Sweet Lover No More
Mr. Dream Merchant
Girls Can't Do What The Guys Do
Oooh Child
Son Of A Preacher Man
Something For Nothing
Meditation (Medicatao)
Goodbye (Go My Love)

(release date: 16 January 2001)

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What is “Love Songs” ?

Actually there are three Love Songs CD albums.Two are UK releases both having excellent Dusty track lists.

The first is a 1988 Phillips release followed by a 1989 Pickwick release. On the Rhino label Love Songs is a series of US released CDs which find Dusty in the company of only the world’s finest soul, and rhythm n’ blues artists.

This 2001 Love Songs compilation is 16 great tunes that exemplify Dusty’s broad range, and interpretive talents. The order of the track list is credited to music legend, producer, and music historian Jim Pierson who is associated with no less than ten Dusty compilation releases from 1964 thru 2002. His arrangement of the tracks here feels to be from the heart, from someone who really loves Dusty’s singing. It is as if someone took you by the hand, and is leading you thru a gallery of Dusty material designed to flow seamlessly from one interpretation to the next. Each one revealing the essence of her vocal talent, and beckoning you to empathize with her emotion.

Appropriately beginning with “The Look Of Love”, and ending with “Goodbye”, Pierson’s choice of order and song position is perfect! The songs are from a 5 year period between 1967 and 1971. Pierson’s liner notes tell you what you want to know about every song, and he is sure to give Dusty credit on 3 of the songs which she produced with John Franz. 5 unreleased songs separate this CD from previous compilations. 3 of those songs are from Sigma Studios, the Philadelphia headquarters of Gamble and Huff.

Though many compilations contain precious and rare Dusty recordings, this is the only one to date featuring “Something For Nothing”. Another 3 songs include accompaniment and orchestral arrangement by Derek Wadsworth of Dusty’s backing group “the Echoes”. As Paul Howes points out it is rare to hear Dusty take on a jazz number, and here are 2 of my favorites: A.C. Jobim’s “Meditation”, and “Sweet Lover No More” made popular by Blossom Dearie.

Whether it be lullabies, soaring ballads, big band jazz, latin, or top 40 pop, you’ll find all her Dustyisms here. Whether you want to laugh, cry, dance, or just plain shout out loud and sing along, this CD will fulfill your expectations.

I can easily say this is my “go to” CD. When I’m on the go, and want to grab one from my library quick,… this is the one !

- Jeffery Smith