I Only Want To Be With You - 50th anniversary

I Only Want To Be With You

50 years ago, on the 8th of November, 1963, Dusty's first solo single was released - I Only Want To Be With You.

The release of this single marks the beginning of Dusty's career as a solo artist, having been a member of The Lana Sisters and The Springfields previously. An instant hit, I Only Want To Be With You reached #4 in the British charts. Dusty performed it for the first time on Ready Steady Go! on November 16, 1963.

Here's Dusty on the Ed Sullivan Show  from May 10, 1964.

Love Songs

lovesongsThe Look Of Love
Am I The Same Girl
Morning Please Don't Come (featuring Tom Springfield)
The Richest Girl Alive
Summer Love
Bring Him Back
The Colour Of Your Eyes
Sweet Lover No More
Mr. Dream Merchant
Girls Can't Do What The Guys Do
Oooh Child
Son Of A Preacher Man
Something For Nothing
Meditation (Medicatao)
Goodbye (Go My Love)

(release date: 16 January 2001)

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Goin' Back - The Definitive Dusty Springfield

goinbackThe song that totally blew me away was when the cd opened with Can't We Be Friends. When Dusty came in on her part..I was slayed by her vocals..I had never heard her sing like that..she sounds like Ella F. ... For me this song alone was worth the whole package...

Considering that the video masters to Decidedly Dusty have not been recovered, the sound quality of those audio-only live performances is particularly impressive. They must have been remastered using some state-of-the-art technology because the clarity really deserves mention.

With my new speakers I can’t wait to hear the stripped back Goin’ Back and I have tissues at the ready.

It's really heavy!

I can honestly say that I love the colour!

'Angel of the morning' is stunning.

The pleasure gained from hearing her voice in something new, a nugget to treasure is far more important to me than the bloody colour of its box.

I can sit and listen to (and watch) her for hours. She amazes me.

It's gorgeously packaged, and there's more than enough goodies (especially on the DVD end) to make it a worthy purchase...but it's definitely not "definitive". One query I have is that in the few words that are written on the disc sleeve it states that it contains an abandoned song from the 'White Heat' sessions. Well it sadly does not!

(Information from Universal:
The song was "I've Loved You Somewhere Before"; it wasn’t felt to be of a sufficient standard to release. It was completely removed from the annotations and CD, but a reference to it was unfortunately not removed from the CD case. Apologies for any confusion.)

My other two favourites on the Rarities CD are "Chained To A Memory" and "I've Got A Good Thing". I love the way she phrases here and I think I like this version of CTAM even more than the version from Where Am I Going.

The only live track on here that doesn't work for me personally, is I Say A Little Prayer. Only really because I know Dusty could have recorded a fantastic version under different circumstances.

I love hearing so much of her voice [on Goin’ Back] without it being drowned out, but it's not for the faint hearted.

For me, leaving out the Longing songs, or some of them, is a sadness. I just think that those songs are so precious and belong in this overview of Dusty's career.

The Springfields shows were so funny as they were so old fashioned and stilted. I saw all these as a young girl and loved them then and I still do today.

canvasprintI am well pissed off because the promised canvas print is missing!

What puzzles me is the inclusion on CD of tracks from the 1966/67 Dusty TV series as these are also on the set on DVD.

The medley with Mel Torme is a highlight, probably my favourite of all her duets, she's so comfortable.... and so is he.

I know I'm being duped by Universal for buying stuff I've already got but I can't resist owning it.

I have to say that I think the stuff up on deliveries and production (if that's what it is) is such a shame. They obviously misjudged her popularity! Hopefully "I've Loved You Somewhere Before" will turn up on a future release, since there were songs like "Sweet Inspiration" and "O-O-H Child" which were deemed "unworthy" for inclusion on sets like Something Special or Simply Dusty but later turned up on sets like Dusty In London and Love Songs.

These live performances are just so amazing, they make me want to hustle everyone to listen to them!

Sadly nothing from White Heat is there, nor is See All Her Faces, Cameo, or Longing or It Begins Again. The only representation of a 15 year period is two non-album singles that were movie themes. "I Believe In You" really does sound soulful as anything with just Dusty's voice in the mix. Tonight I had a chance to watch the Springfields on the DVD. I'm glad they included this. It was nice to hear Tom and Tim's voice solo. I was thinking my gosh how she changed in just a couple of years. She only showed a glimpse of her abilities when she was with the boys.

We don't have a visual for Windmills of Your Mind unfortunately but what a fabulous performance. She once said that she hit notes on Dusty in Memphis that she doubted she could ever reach again, but she did here. My lovely edition is sitting very comfortably among the remaining big Christmas chocolate boxes that still remain. Somehow it looks like the right place to keep it for now. What blows me away is how mature she sounds on the teenage stuff and how distinctive she was. It's her sense of pitch that really gets to me. A true musician through and through.

Tris Penna did a stunning job, especially on Goin' Back. It's hard to improve on perfection but when that voice comes in with no music it's just magic. I love everything about the set, it’s so touchy feely and I think it’s quite glamorous too, it does miss that image on the front of the box though, that would have finished it off nicely.


I Believe In You
I'll Be Faithful
All The King's Horses
Someone Who Cares
Make It With You
Love Shine Down
Natchez Trace
Live Here With You
Have A Good Life Baby
You've Got a Friend
I Found My Way (a.k.a. I Found My Way Through The Darkness)
Nothing Is Forever

(Recorded from January to June 1971, unissued, no known cover artwork)

White Heat

White HeatDonnez Moi (Give It To Me)
I Don't Think We Could Ever Be Friends
Blind Sheep
Don't Call It Love
Time and Time Again
I Am Curious
Sooner Or Later
Losing You
Gotta Get Used To You
Soft Core

(released w/e 4 December 1982)