Tom Goss - Son of a Preacherman

Tom Goss. Son of a preacher man.

Tom Goss offers a new, and different take on Dusty Springfield's classic song Son of a Preacherman. His video features two teenage boys who fall in love despite their anti-gay surroundings. Watch the video here.

Just Dusty for Mother's Day

Just Dusty

Wondering what to get your Mum for Mother's Day? This YouTube clip has a suggestion! (Hint: It might involve a Dusty Springfield CD...)

Dusty Springfield: Come for a Dream

Dusty Springfield Come for a dream The U.K. Sessions 1970-1971 Real Gone Music

News from Real Gone Music, the label who gave us 'Faithful' earlier this year.

During her 1968-1971 period with Atlantic Records in the United States, Dusty Springfield also continued to record material in England, where her Atlantic repertoire was released on Philips Records. In turn, Atlantic received rights to issue Dusty's British recordings from the era, but chose to focus entirely on her American sessions. In fact, it wasn’t until the ‘90s that some of these masters (many of which originally came out on the Philips See All Her Faces album overseas) were available Stateside, but they were scattered across several compilations and were never comprehensively assembled.

Longing on Grooveshark

Dusty Springfield Longing 1974

Acoustically polished versions of Dusty Springfield's aborted album Longing from 1974 can now be heard on Grooveshark. They are called "2001 US mixes", plus a couple "bonus" 1995 UK mixes. They have been uploaded by "Smash Records".

Corner of the Sky is the 2007 duet with Petula Clark though. So it seems user "Smash Records" didn't have a proper tape for this song.

What a wonderful effort! And even though the individual songs have been released on Simply Dusty (2000) and Beautiful Soul: The ABC Dunhill Collection (2001), it would be great if someone could give this album a proper release ...

Dusty Springfield - Faithful

Dusty Springfield Faithful Real Gone Music

Dusty Springfield's Faithful album has long been one of her fan community's secret treasures. Faithful, highly praised and thought of as being in the same league as Dusty in Memphis (released in 1968), was recorded in New York in 1971 with producer Jeff Barry. Unfortunately, it failed to ever be released as a long play record. Not until 1999 were all tracks from the album released, as a bonus on Rhino's Dusty in Memphis Deluxe Edition. But finally, thanks to Real Gone Music, the album will at last see the light of day on April 7, 2015. Together with liner notes, rare photos and beautiful artwork, Faithful is something to look forward to! Read more on Real Gone Music.

Starbucks Compilation

Dusty Starbucks compilation

Starbucks have released a compilation of Dusty tracks in their Opus Collection series. Serious fans will not be impressed by the track compilation, which has no surprises, but it’s a nice introduction for anyone who might not be very familiar with Dusty’s music. The CD also features a 24 page full colour booklet with an introductory text written by Steven Stolder, who also is the producer of the compilation. Go to the Starbucks Store website for more information.