Just Dusty: The Real Dusty Springfield

On April 20, 2009, Odeon Entertainment have released a new DVD telling the story of Dusty Springfield. Entitled “Just Dusty: The Real Dusty Springfield”, the DVD features live performances, unseen footage and photographs plus contributions from friends and colleagues including Pet Shop Boys, Burt Bacharach, Mari Wilson, Marc Almond, Pat Rhodes, Simon Bell and Frank Allen from the Searchers.

JustDusty-3DSpecial features include unseen performances and photos plus Interviews with close friends and colleagues; also Tea With Dusty, Out-takes, Bonus Performances & Trailers.

The DVD is available now.

LTD Forum Admin Will O’Mailley secured an interview with Julie Sawyer from Odeon Entertainment to ask her some questions about the new Dusty DVD.

1. There is a resurgence of interest in Dusty Springfield at the moment, and no doubt the pre-DVD research highlighted this. What do you think are the reasons for this happening at this time?

I think the resurgence of interest in Dusty at the moment is partly due to the many solo female singers we have around at the moment such as Amy Winehouse, Adele and Duffy - who some people think is the new Dusty.

I think her name has popped up quite a few times in Duffy’s interviews; this isn’t a bad thing as I think it has brought Dusty great voice to a new generation who didn’t know who she was.

Also, with this year being the 10th anniversary of her death that makes people take notice and this also gives the press something new to write about.

2. What difficulties - if any - did you encounter in trying to create a DVD which offered something original?

The only difficulties we encountered making this documentary were the usual type of things we would have making any documentary and that is availability of the people we wanted to interview and fitting them into our filming schedule. It’s always good to find new people to interview to give something new to the story.

With Dusty it was difficult finding never before seen photographs and footage, but we did eventually find some!

3. When you approached the contributors featured on the DVD, what was their reaction? Were they immediately interested or did you need to persuade them?

We got a great reaction from the people we approached everyone loved Dusty. They all seemed to know a different Dusty, but these people knew her at different times of her life some personally and some professionally.

4. What was your personal highlight of the whole process?

The great thing about making these programmes is meeting new and interesting people they always have some great never before heard stories to tell.

Before making Just Dusty I knew her music but I didn’t know much about the woman, so that always makes it interesting!

5. What did you learn about Dusty?

From the interviews I did for the programme and talking to people, I learnt that Dusty was many people - there was Dusty the singer and performer, Dusty the Joker, and there was Mary.

She was very intelligent and though she could be very vulnerable at times she could also be very strong and stand up and fight for what she believed in. She was quite a complex person.

6. How long did the entire process take, from the idea stage through to the finished DVD?

The idea for this documentary came about around 18 months ago when we (Odeon Entertainment) were making a documentary about Billy Fury – Lee Everett who was once engaged to Billy was a friend of Dusty’s and she suggested that we make a programme about her.

Due to other project commitments we couldn’t start filming Dusty until this year. We started in January after doing research and then we finished compiling everything by early march and spent two weeks editing and the DVD goes on sale April 20th, so it was quiet a tight schedule.

Many thanks to Julie from Odeon Entertainment for agreeing to the interview and for her time in answering my questions.

- Will O’Mailley


Review from The Telegraph

Dusty Springfield: Once Upon A Time 1964-1969, DVD review

Once Upon A Time is 65 minutes of golden Dusty Springfield.

just dusty

Dusty Springfield: 'I had this strange voice'

By Andrew Perry
4:53PM BST 07 Sep 2009

Dusty Springfield: Once Upon A Time 1964-1969
E, Voyage Digital Media, £14.67

“At an early age,” says Dusty Springfield, Britain’s most glamorous female pop singer of the Sixties, in a 1978 interview, “I realised that, in order to be appreciated, or even noticed, I’d better sing. Because, even then, I had this strange voice.”

Those who’ve fallen under her spell probably wouldn’t label her vocal qualities as strange; rather, imperious, moving, or simply astonishing. As a document of her extraordinary talent, this DVD is, perhaps surprisingly for such a ragbag compilation of TV and live performances, a godsend. Unusually, it collates all her greatest hits, including mimed takes of Son of a Preacher Man and I Only Want To Be With You, where her frocks are gaudy, her hair bouffant and her moves goofy, yet oddly natural and spontaneous.

Even better is live footage from the NME Poll Winners gig in 1966, where her voice, even on the notoriously difficult-to-sing You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me, is every bit as robust as on the studio version. All glued together with perceptive comments from Burt Bacharach and Springfield’s original backing singers, this is 65 minutes of golden Dusty.

Telegraph rating: * * * * *