Dusty DefinitelyAin't No Sun Since You've Been Gone
Take Another Little Piece of My Heart
Another Night
Mr Dream Merchant
I Can't Give Back the Love I Feel For You
Love Power
This Girl's In Love With You
I Only Wanna Laugh
Who (Will Take My Place)
I Think It's Going To Rain Today
Second Time Around

(release date: 22 November 1968)
Highest chart position: 30 (CIN), non-entry (NME)

Where Am I Going

Where Am I GoingBring Him Back
Don't Let Me Lose This Dream
I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face
Take Me For A Little While
Chained To A Memory
They Long To Be Close To You
Welcome Home
Come Back To Me
If You Go Away
Broken Blossoms
Where Am I Going

(release date: 27 October 1967)
Highest chart position: 40 (CIN), non-entry (NME)

Ev'rything's Coming Up Dusty

Ev'rything's Coming Up DustyWon't Be Long
Oh No! Not My Baby
Long After Tonight Is All Over
La Bamba
Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)
If I Don't Work Out
That's How Heartaches Are Made
It Was Easier To Hurt Him
I've Been Wrong Before
I Can't Hear You
I Had A Talk With My Man
Packin' Up

(release date: 8 October 1965)
Highest chart position: 6 (CIN), 5 (NME)

A Girl Called Dusty

A Girl Called DustyMama Said
You Don't Own Me
Do Re Me
When The Lovelight Starts Shining Thru His Eyes
My Colouring Book
Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa
Anyone Who Had A Heart
Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Wishin' And Hopin'
Don't You Know

(release date: 17 April 1964)
Highest chart position: 6 (CIN), 5 (NME)


These singles reached the Top 25 of the Billboard Hot 100:

▪1963: "I Only Want To Be With You" #12
▪1964: "Wishin' and Hopin'" #6
▪1966: "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" #4
▪1966: "All I See is You" #20
▪1967: "The Look of Love" #22
▪1969: "Son of a Preacher Man" #10
▪1970: "Brand New Me" #24
▪1987: "What Have I Done to Deserve This?" #2 with the Pet Shop Boys

The following singles reached the Top 20 of the UK Singles Chart:

▪1963: "I Only Want To Be With You" #4
▪1964: "Stay Awhile" #4
▪1964: "I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself" #3
▪1965: "Losing You" #9
▪1965: "In The Middle of Nowhere" #8
▪1965: "Some Of Your Lovin'" #8
▪1966: "Little By Little" #17
▪1966: "Goin' Back" #10
▪1966: "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" #1
▪1967: "I'll Try Anything" #13
▪1968: "I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten" #4
▪1969: "Son Of A Preacher Man" #9
▪1987: "What Have I Done to Deserve This?" #2 with the Pet Shop Boys
▪1989: "Nothing Has Been Proved" #16
▪1989: "In Private" #14